Poetry on the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing

Poetry on the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing

Poetry on the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing

Heart and Mind  

By Hank Edson  

Is it really such a giant leap
            To unite the heart and mind?
To imagine love and logic keep
            Common cause in what they find?

A man upon the moon once raised
            With one small step all mankind.
The simple effort Armstrong praised
            Gave vision to the blind;

To see the Earth from outer space
            Resting peaceful in the sky ~
The astronaut’s Amazing Grace
            Impossible to deny, 

A transformation of consciousness,
            A fragility profound,
A truth to which we were made witness
            Simply by turning around 

And looking upon ourselves, one whole,
            Watching our planet rising,
Feeling its gravitational pull
            From the lunar horizon.

Thus, we devoted our resources,
            Engineering and physics
To harness all of our forces
            And put brave lives at risk,

All our technology and science
            Just bent on changing place,
So much noise just to stand in silence
            The entire human race.

And here now gazing, you and I
            At that moon but from afar
Two young lovers, earthbound and shy,
            Contemplating who we are: 

Inseparable from the cosmos
            Two beings in existence,
Two atoms drawn together close
            Out of space, time and distance,

Dependent on a calculation
            Encompassing the whole,
From the explosive inspiration
            To the present moment’s toll ~

Everything that ever was, no less,
            Played a part in our romance,
Our tiny footprints’ soft impress,
            Orchestrated cosmic dance.

Love, then, too and poetic verse
            Owe the Big Bang their homage;
The ever unfolding universe
            Calls us to make pilgrimage, 

To follow reason’s tour de force
            And evolving worldview,
To arrive at last back at the source,
            Humble, wise and born anew.

Knowing ourselves as something more
            Than the earth we look out from,
Experiencing as we explore
            The whole from which we’ve come,

Our souls may take a giant leap,
            As the self is redefined;
All that we give up, all that we keep
            Uniting the heart and mind.